Mitigate risk and standardise your approach to Rack Safety Management

Our easy-to-use cloud-based system manages your pallet racking system with real-time access to rich and accurate inspection data.

The Rack Inspection Software behind every great team

Econform empowers your workers to maintain warehouse safety by driving compliance. Our software enables you to collect consistent data and gives you complete vision of your warehouse estate like never before.

  • Real-time Dashboard

    Visual overview of inspection performance—track progress towards a safer warehouse.
  • Multi-Site Management

    Operate multiple locations and facilities from one central database.
  • Interactive Warehouse Blueprint

    Our intuitive interface makes it easier to view component damage by rack location.
  • Extensive and Flexible Reporting

    Monitor inspection results over time to identify trends and reveal opportunities for improvement.
  • Create Schedules and Assign Corrective Actions

    Schedule and perform racking inspections and instantly generate and assign corrective actions.
  • Enhanced Admin Control

    User permission system to ensure inspection and report access are given to authorised personnel.

Keep all your reports in one place

Sick of hunting through overflowing filing cabinets and spreadsheets for answers? Collect, analyse and act on inspection data quickly. With Econform’s inspection reporting software, all reports are instantly saved and secured in your account for easy access whenever you need them.

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