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Simplifying the way your team manages rack safety is at the heart of our application, making data entry and pushing papers a thing of the past. We can be your second in command for all things safety and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The web and mobile apps are both included in the price of the service. See Pricing for details.

The mobile app will work best on smartphones and tablets running iOS X+ or Android X+.

The mobile app is designed to be just the essentials that inspectors need on the job. More advanced features like scheduling, analytics and user management are only on the web app.

Both mobile and web apps are constantly syncing to the cloud, updating data in real-time. The mobile version also works offline and will automatically sync when it regains a connection.

The Econform app is exclusively available through the Econform website. To learn more Book a Demo with us.

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Identify issues before they occur

With automatic syncing between your mobile device and desktop platform providing real-time analytics. You are able to see inspection results across all sites which can help identify weaknesses in your operations that could lead to an incident. Our inspection and action management workflows reduce risk and along with our powerful reporting, allows you to stay updated on your organisations performance wherever you are.